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At Avado you get state-of-the-art acoustic products that perfectly combine aesthetics and performance. Avado’s acoustic products are known for their capability to insulate and absorb a wide range of acoustic frequencies and impulsive noises.

Avado’s acoustic solutions not only offer your spaces acoustic comfort but they completely redesign your spaces with designs that are aesthetic, elegant, and user-friendly.

Avado’s acoustic solutions not only offer your spaces acoustic comfort but they completely redesign your spaces with designs that are aesthetic, elegant, and user-friendly.

Avado’s acoustic products deliver high performance and longevity across diverse spaces that include Urban dwellings, Commercial premises, Administrative buildings, Creative studios, Teaching facilities, Office spaces, and many such immersive premises.

Tikidan Acoustic Products

M.A.D. 2 (Membrana Acustica Danosa)

A high-density bitumen modified membrane

Performs as an anti-resonant material that is made for absorbing low-frequency sounds

Acts as a high-performance substitute for lead sheets

Best suited for use in industrial acoustic insulations


Thickness: 2mm

Sound Reduction Index: 2 dB

Roll Size: 12 × 1 m


Made from durable anti-resonant acoustic material

Extensively covered with high-quality polyethylene film on both the exterior sides

Performs like a self-adhesive high-density sound barrier

Best suited for acoustic insulation for walls and ceilings


Thickness: 4 mm

Sound Reduction Index Improvement (🜂R) : 4dB

Roll Size: 6 × 1 mm


A multi-layered panel made from high-density bitumen-based membrane

Effectively offers low-frequency sound insulation

Best suited for drain pipes isolation

Optimally used inside plasterboard chambers in urban dwellings


Airborne sound insulation: 55 dBA

Thickness: 20 mm

Roll Size: 6 × 1 m

Membrane density: >1600 kg/m3


A closed-cell structure with cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet

Offers exceptional physical and mechanical features.

Mostly used to insulate deck impact noises in buildings and in-between buildings.


Thickness: 5mm

Impact Noise reduction: up to 20 dB

Roll Size: 15 × 1 m ; 50 × 2 m


Easy to Install with high resistance to fatigue

Contains cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet

A closed-cell structure made for performance and quality service

Provides full-proof acoustic insulation from airborne and impact noises

Suitable for urban-dwelling floorings


Thickness: 10 mm

Impact Noise Reduction: 21 dB

Roll Size: 25 × 2 m


A flexible cross-linked polyethylene membrane

Specially designed for laminated floorings

Provides insulation and protection against humidity


Thickness: 3mm

Noise Reductions: up to 22 dB

Roll Size: 25 × 1.06 m


A double-layered stripe made of self-adhesive high-density bitumen membrane

It is an Antiresonant adhesive stripe used against impact noises for floorings, roofings, and tilings

Acts as a protective barrier against support dampness


Thickness: 3.9 mm

Airborne Sound Insulation: > 3 dB

Roll Size: 10 × 0.046 m


Made of self-adhesive high-density bitumen membrane that is thermally bonded to a cross-linked polyethylene.

Acts as a shock absorber in the mass-spring-mass system of floorings

Effectively removes resonant frequencies

Specially designed for rigid elements like laminated plaster, wooden, or panels.

Provides better impact noise insulation in laminated floors


Thickness: 3.9 mm

Airborne sound insulation: >4 dB

Roll Size: 10 × 0.92 m


A Multilayer composite high-density bitumen-based membrane

Consisting of two porous textile layers around the membrane

Specially designed for low-medium and high-frequency insulation

Acoustic insulation between walls of different dwellings


Airborne sound insulation: 63 dB

Thickness: 28 mm

Roll Size: 6 × 1 m

Membrane Density: >1600 kg/ m3

Sonodan Self Adhesive Plus

Consists of cross-linked polyethylene, mineral wool absorbent panel, and a double, high-density sound barrier sheet

A Multi layered acoustic product designed for absorbing high, medium, and low-frequency impulse noises

Best suited for walls and ceilings installations


Thickness: 40mm

Roll Size: 1 × 1.2 m

Sound Reduction Index (Rw): 65.5 dB


Acts as an absorbent and anti-resonant acoustic material

Consists of a double layer made from self-adhesive, self high-density membrane along with a chemically cross-linked polyethylene tape

Designed exclusively for acoustic insulation of pipes and conduits


Thickness: 3.9 mm

Roll size: 10 × 0.42 mm

Insertion Loss (IL):  >12 dB