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TIKIDAN Acoustic Products

At Avado you get state-of-the-art acoustic products that perfectly combine aesthetics and performance. Avado’s acoustic products are known for their capability to insulate and absorb a wide range of acoustic frequencies and impulsive noises.

Avado’s acoustic solutions not only offer your spaces acoustic comfort but they completely redesign your spaces with designs that are aesthetic, elegant, and user-friendly.

AVADO Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels or soundproofing panels are specifically designed to control, reduce and absorb indoor noises, disturbances and echoes.
Avado’s state-of-the-art acoustic panels are made from high-quality materials that are flame retardant, eco-friendly, and organically sourced.

Avado acoustic panels ensure the perfect sound setting and ambiance of a particular space that is based on the utility of that space.