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Water Proofing Solutions

Avado along with TIKIDAN offers industry-best waterproofing solutions that are based on

  • A robust global supply network
  • Carefully selected cutting edge materials and technologies
  • Technical and structural requirements of a building
  • 5 Decade experience of research and expertise

Avado waterproofing solutions are best suited for application in places that include

  1. Basement Floors
  2. Retaining Walls
  3. Blindside Walls
  4. Podium Parking
  5. Podium Landscape

  1. 6. Planter Box
  2. 7. Cut and Cover Tunnels
  3. 8. Balconies Sloping Roof
  4. 9. Metal Deck Roof
  5. 10. Terraces
  6. 11. Green Roof

Avado’s wide array of time tested, personalized, aesthetic, and high-performance waterproofing products include:

Hydrostop Range :-

Offers high mechanical strength along with extreme flexibility in complex geometric spaces

Made with a unique combination of modified bitumen and APP (Atactic-Polypropylene) plastomeric polymers

It is resistive to high temperatures

Polydan Range :-

Made from perfectly modified bitumen with SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) elastomeric polymers

Exhibits self-healing properties

Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures

It is a Maintenance-friendly product that can be easily repaired in an event of some accidental damage

Highly durable with excellent bonding with the primed surface.

Selfdan Range :-

A fast and self-setting membrane that is made from modified bitumen with SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) elastomeric polymers along with a self-adhesive bottom finish

It is a self healing membrane that offers flexible elsaticity

Offers safe and reliable electrical resistance.

Extremely easy, fast and  torchless application process

Best suited for complex geometrical spaces

Bitumen Primer :-

Is well known for enhancing the bond between the polymer waterproofing membranes and the priming surface.

This easy to apply primer can be used on surfaces like concrete, masonry, metal, wood and stone.

Offers air tight sealing of substrate pores and promotes robust adhesion

On the basis of usability Bitumen Primer is further divided into two types namely-

1. TIKI prime W is a special emulsion made from high grade bitumen, minerals and water in paste form

2. TIKI prime S is a quick drying and fast setting low viscosity oil based bituminous primer in liquid form that has high penetrating power.

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