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About Us

Diverse sources produce diverse sounds that range from pleasant natural rhythms to Disturbing loud noises. Avado is all about providing the perfect ambiance for spaces by transforming disturbances into perfect sound frequencies that are best suited for that time & moment.

Avado’s journey of creating soothing sounds began with inspiring transformations of Auditoriums, Homes, Halls and Studios. During the course of such transformations, Avado has expanded its presence across multiple sectors and industries by offering a complete package of industry-best audio/video solutions.

Why Choose Us ?

Avado Understands that every space has its own set of acoustic requirements based on which Avado provides world-class products that perfectly meet your acoustic needs.

Be it Floorings, Ceilings, Walls or any other type of space Avado is known for offering an enhanced experience with its state-of-the-art acoustic products that are best suited for noise cancellation and sound diffusion.

In a recent development, Avado has partnered with Tiki Dan an international brand in the acoustics market with one single aim which is to decimate all in-house and external unwanted sounds.

What We Do ?

Avado’s in-house team of passionate acoustic professionals is known for its expert service with timely completion of projects. With a wide range of high-quality HDP Acoustic products, Avado eliminates unwanted noise disturbances within a room. Avado offers easy, adaptive and flexible acoustic products that are compatible with various materials including wood, fabrics, polymers, and many such diverse materials.

Avado’s expert Acoustic solutions are best known for controlling loud noise transmissions between adjacent spaces thereby offering turnkey sound-proofing solutions. Avado delivers your dream project with the perfect personalized sound setting it needs.